WooCommerce Stunning ecommerce websites that don’t cost the earth

Whether you are thinking of starting an online retail website or you have an existing ecommerce website, we are perfectly placed to help your online business thrive.

WooCommerce website design

With more than a decade of experience in ecommerce, you are in safe hands. Conversion led design is in our blood. The number one observation clients report when working with us is that they are surprised by how sales and business focused we are as a team.

It’s business arguments we aim to hear from our design team, not what looks nice. Great looking elegant ecommerce systems are important, but this is secondary to making the tills ring. We pride ourselves in delivering five-star, timeless design that converts years after it’s been created.

WooCommerce Development Services

At its core, WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which is our web platform of choice at Loudon Design. Only the larger stores are built on Magento 2. It is often a better return on investment to provision a WooCommerce store over Magento for smaller, more niche or lower margin ecommerce stores.

The end goal is to ensure you are best positioned to make revenue online. After the initial meeting and through the discovery process we can recommend what system best fits your current size and anticipated growth. Our website developers are extremely well placed to advise you on what functionality will suit both your business and your customer base.

WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce is a large, open source system that boasts thousands of plugins and extensions, meaning you can expect rapid development in all things you wish to achieve with your store. In addition, with the system being part of WordPress we can build bespoke features unique to your business or store.

Sales Dashboard

The storeowner dashboard is extremely helpful and includes sales orders, traffic and an at-a-glance status summary window. You will be able to analyse products and orders and gain insight into your customers, sales and growth trends.

Next Steps

Looking to take your products online to sell local or perhaps export overseas? We have you covered. Get in touch today and we will start planning for your new store.

For existing WooCommerce merchants, we offer monthly support and growth packages to help you yield more return from your store going forward.