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Why Invest in Professional Web Design?


If you are wondering why you should invest in a professional web design company or freelancer, you are not alone. It is a question on the minds of most business owners and marketing teams. Is it worth it? Yes, 100% worth it (we could end the article there, but let’s talk detail).

Could you save money by using templates?

When focused purely on cost, hiring a professional is never the best option (there is always someone cheaper, even than the cheapest price you can find) but then in business, we don’t talk in terms of cost. Rather we focus on “return”.

Templates are great value for money but what they don’t have is, two key elements that make a business website successful:

  1. They do NOT include consultancy or guidance to help you leverage more sales.
  2. They are NOT intentionally built to achieve your business objectives

Project Management Scope Triangle Quality Cost Time

The project management triangle states that you can only ever truly carry out two areas of focus at one time.

  • Cheap and Quick, but Quality will suffer
  • Cheap and Quality but the Time will increase
  • Time and Quality but it will cost more

Loudon Design is focused purely on the third bullet. I actively turn down work if it is not a good fit for me or the client. At the start of my career, I took on nearly all projects to generate money to help me pay bills. With age comes maturity and you learn that this is not the best practice. I am no longer dependent on the freelance work to pay my bills and that allows me to be more selective in the type of projects I take on.

I only take on work that meets the following criteria:

  1. The client is happy to work with my outlined process
  2. I can genuinely offer a return or substantial benefit to the client’s business
  3. The project makes sense and will help the client achieve their goals

I am known for building high-quality websites. I put in the time on my projects to ensure timelines and performance standards are met. It’s my professionalism, quality, work ethic, and passion for the subject that have generated referrals from happy clients past and present. I understand business. I would never recommend or allow a client to do something that would adversely affect their business.

This attitude and ethical focus on my clients came from my desire to see their businesses succeed. For me a customer of Loudon Design is not a number, I feel like your company becomes an extension of my focus. I want to help you grow, achieve your goals and make even greater success for your business.

I focus all of my efforts on the businesses that want to strategically move forward and leverage digital technology so that they can hit targets and goals.


Five reasons you want to invest in professional web design

1. Leverage Experience

When someone dedicates their life to a craft they get good at it. It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery of a discipline.

Digital is a huge sector with a lot of moving parts. Even within this industry resources will gain and lose skills as the demand changes over time. To achieve this level of skill and keep yourself up to date with all the latest technology on top of running your business is an uphill struggle.

Hiring a professional in any discipline means that you are getting someone that knows the ropes from the moment you project starts. I often refer to this as “bread & Butter Projects” when you’re tasked with carrying out work that you do every day and understand intimately.

Key Focus: Don’t try to take on too much yourself. One of the most powerful business decisions an owner can make is to rely on others to achieve tasks more suited to their skill set. This frees you up to focus on the direction of your business.

2. Professional Web Design Growth & Support

Not all designers understand business and selling. When you seek out a design company ensure they understand what your business is aiming to do, what are the goals? Many agencies and freelancers are guilty of being “yes men” simply taking clients requests at face value.

“Oh, you want some flyers sure we can do 250 for £XX.”

That sounds like they are helping you, but in fact, it should be classed as an alarm that something is wrong. Professional design is about solving problems. If a client asked me to make fliers I would accept the job, but before anything started I would get under the skin of the reasoning.

What are you actually trying to do? Generate traffic? Awareness of your brand? Increase your conversion? Flyers might not be the best tool to do that and a professional web designer should be identifying that early on in discussions to help you.

Key Focus: Not all agencies and freelancers understand business. You want to find someone that genuinely cares about your business and can see a clear path to help you achieve your goal.

3. Legal, Accessibility and Usability

Building websites that benefit your business will require that all the boxes are ticked. You may understand that your website needs to work on smartphones and tablets, but do you understand the rules around sizing? Colour theory? And how users expect functionality to work. Most likely this isn’t something you have thought about in as much detail – even if you have dabbled with web development in the past.

When you are building a business website you want to ensure you’re not making any major mistakes when it comes to these areas. These are the topics that pretty much all web designers will cover as part of the design and build process.

Key Focus: Design is not only about how it looks, it covers the interaction and behaviours of your final website. Mobile, screen readers or bots that crawl the website for various reasons have to be accounted for and baked into the final solution.

4. Project Quality and Professionalism

When you have a professional web design built you are getting a premium design. The website should directly reflect your values and the quality of your business. I have designed premium websites for years now. What sets agencies apart from amateurs is that they don’t cut corners. They focus on making your website the best it can possibly be.

I take this a step further by ensuring the design not only looks great but more importantly delivers on your core messages and conveys what you want and need to project to get ahead.

Key Focus:You are not designing a showcase to win awards, you are projecting your quality and professionalism to win business. Award badges and trophies don’t pay the bills, make sure your website does.

5. Professional Web Design = Brilliant Return on Investment

Professional web design doesn’t need to break the bank, but it might be a little more than you first anticipated. Even with my own business, there is an investment in wages, tools, equipment, hosting, and advertising. Focusing on how big outgoings are in isolation is not as productive as looking at the return on my investment. I would happily pay google AdWords £1000 a week if the adverts return £2000 in business.

A website is one of the best areas of your business to invest in. A salesman that never sleeps. A point of contact and a showcase of your work and services. Loudon Design has a good level of engagement not because it is following some hidden secret to generating leads.

I get contact because I make it easy on my customers to see what I do, how I work, what people think about my quality, and offer lots of ways to get in touch with me. You could easily be doing the same with your own website.

Key Focus: A good investment will keep on feeding back into your business. Don’t cut corners on the things that matter most. A standard website will give your customers something to find out more detail on your business but a professional website will help funnel customers towards contacting your business to express interest and gain quotes.


Investing in professional web design is not recommended for business owners purely focused on saving money. If money is the core driver I would recommend using a good template.

Professional web design works towards increasing your overall conversion rate. If you are trying to reach specific business goals then a professional web design is a fantastic investment.

I am passionate about helping small to medium sized companies get ahead. I have helped many businesses over the past 13 years and I still love what I do. Contact me, if you are interested in discussing how design or technology can help you achieve growth for your business.