Looking for a new website?

Your website is your voice to the world, a cost effective advert that can allow people to find you and read about what your company offers.

A well executed website will:

  • Increase engagement — through contact forms and data capture
  • Sell — your services and products
  • Showcase — your work and process
  • Display — what people think about your company.

Small or large, good websites always have the same goal. To increase important metric for your company. This might be simply to get more sales, expand your brand presence in a local area, or to capture email addresses to market to.



Web Design Process

I have refined and adapted my process over the past 13 years. Here is a guide of the nine main steps you will go through if you hire me to complete your web design project.


1 Listen

Before taking on any work it is important for me to listen and get a feel for your business. This helps me identify the roadblocks and problems you are trying to combat with the new design work.

2 Plan

Work is planned for the sites structure, key milestones and project timelines are agreed. I will carry out research of your competitors and similar markets to ensure that you are ahead.

3 Wireframes

Sketching the sites structure allows me to work with you on what should be included on each page and discuss what the the site is trying to achieve.

4 Design

Mock up designs are created and uploaded to a concept share tool, which allows discussion on your project and refinement to the final design.

5 Build

The design is now converted into code that accounts for a wide range of devices. All websites are built with modern techniques and with future expansion in mind.

6 Testing

Like all good products testing is of major importance. Knowing your site doesn’t fall down on an apple device or finding and resolving bugs and quirks over the various browsers is a small part of what will be tested.

7 Quality

I have a high attention to detail and it is important to me to have consistency in spacing, heights, widths, contrast, image compression, etc. Once these elements are tightened it makes for a more premium website.

8 Launch

Once the site has been completed we are in a position to launch. Hosting can be arranged for you or I can work with your own development team to get the site live.

9 Support

We will discuss what type of support you may need ongoing. This could be something as simple as creation of new banners, to helping you set up an adwords campaign.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design comes as standard

We live in a modern world that has access to some very powerful smartphones and tablets. The truth of the matter is that the web is no longer a Desktop environment. Responsive design should not be a value added or optional service, as it is gaining an ever larger percentage of all web traffic.
We also know Google and other search engines have been targeting non-mobile friendly sites and pushing them down the rankings, coined ‘Mobilegedon’. This has been on the cards for some time, but many businesses are not yet ready for the update.

There are two options to solve this issue

  1. A complete redesign, which is built for all devices.
  2. Convert your old site into a mobile friendly responsive site.

The first option is the recommended approach as it is unlikely your current desktop only website will have been created with mobile phones and the rules of their usability in mind. It is however possible to convert an old site to a more modern way of working.



Business Goals

A well constructed website remakes your initial investment by targeting your customer base and clearly displaying your business offering. Your end goal is not just a great looking website, your goal is to generate further income, sign up or increase your market share.

If you’re interested in taking your website to the next level or building your first business website please Get in Touch
or alternatively you can reach me on 0141 319 7199.