Loudon Design TV 047 Web Development Questions

Wondering why your website is running so slowly? James answers some common questions about front-end development and gives tips on building a speedy and secure site. If your website is proving difficult to manage or incurring costly licence or servicing fees, get in touch today and we’ll show you how to make the most of your digital investment.

Show Notes


One of the ways that we keep our websites running fast is by compressing a lot of the data that goes into it. So the HTML, CSS, scripts and also the images get compressed on the website so that it runs pretty fast when the user goes to it.


Why is my website so slow?


One of the things that makes websites really slow is that people aren't aware of how much time it takes to actually download an image that's on a webpage and a lot of the time, especially on blogs, people put a lot of images into there - just to try show off - which is great because graphical websites are lovely but it takes ages to download every image in the page, and it needs to download every image on the page before the actual page loads. So one of the ways around that which we use is called "Lazy-Loading" which means that anything that is off the bottom of the page when it loads isn't loaded yet until you actually scroll down which saves a lot of time when you first actually hit the website.


What projects do you enjoy the most?


Personally my favourite kind of projects to work on are ones that are a bit more like applications, so ones that have a bit more of a system behind it. We're recently doing one for an Architects Society in Edinburgh called ECAN where people can log into the back end, change profiles, do a lot of statistical things, and that kind of stuff really excites me. Things that I can go into and make functionality that calculates things - it's like a kind of nice version of maths - it's quite fun.


How long will it take?


Depending on what kind of website or application the client is after will actually either decrease or increase the amount of time it will take to build. For instance, one of our Quick Start Websites will take around maybe just a week to build, whereas larger websites can take a few weeks to a month, and applications can take a couple of months. It just depends on the complexity is in the actual design itself and how much content there is to put in. Some of our clients can't put in their own products for instance, so we populate the website, and that can take a bit of time as well, so this increases and decreases as the complexity gets bigger or smaller.


I'm currently in Blantyre having business meetings - late business lunches. We've got exciting things coming up in the show, we're going to change the format. So stay tuned, next week you're going to see things a bit differently. I'm quite excited about that.

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