Magento 1 Legacy support, maintenance & migration

Magento 1 is no longer part of our core offering, but we understand that for many merchants they will still be on a Magento 1 system. We are able to help support these legacy systems via our monthly support and growth packages.

Migrations & Upgrades

If you are on Magento 1 and you are unsure how best to plan for the move to the Magento 2 system, we are here for you. We have successfully migrated other clients to Magento’s new platform over the past few months and expect to be carrying out several more in the coming year. With migration there is sadly no magical switch to make version 1 websites run on Magento 2. That being said, Magento have planned for this problem and have created their own migration tools that ecommerce agencies like Loudon Design can leverage to help move you over stress free.

Next Steps

If you are looking to move from WooCommerce or Magento 1 onto Magento 2, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss your store’s needs and put in place a migration strategy with you to support your business going forward.

While we no longer recommend building on Magento 1, our team are highly experienced and we did offer it as a service until very recently. If you’re not ready to make the move quite yet, our monthly support packages can help if you are experiencing issues or looking for help with your ecommerce marketing, development or growth strategy.