Loudon Design

The Wee Red Christmas Envelopes


The cat’s out the bag as you may have noticed on our social media. Loudon Design have many great customers, who we deeply appreciate, so this year we wanted to do something a little special. 50 super soft tri-blend t-shirts designed and printed right here in Glasgow, Scotland were sent out across the world as a token of thanks for selecting Loudon Design in 2016.

The purpose of these gifts was to show that Loudon Design is focused on people, not companies, and certainly not numbers. Ultimately I believe at the heart of any good outcome is a good relationship.

Towards that aim, there is only so many ways you can show how you think as a business owner. Buying a coffee, or giving your time to help someone out has a surprisingly positive impact on people. In a world where many are looking to take there is great power in giving.


The criteria I wanted the Loudon Design Gifts to meet

Christmas cheer shouldn’t have a price, this is my brand, I don’t want to make it about price. As John Hammond would say it “spared no expense”.

When I came up with this idea, the very next question was “what do I send?”

I had a few considerations and goals in mind. I would be sending 50 packages across the world to clients that had invested into my company or people who had directly had an impact on our early growth.

Loudon Design Swag Santa

I appreciate the people who I sent to, and I wanted them to know that I valued their business, guidance and ongoing support.


The Loudon Design Gift had to be…

  1. Useful and have Utility
  2. Reflection of Loudon Designs Quality
  3. On Brand with Loudon Design
  4. Personalised
  5. Unexpected
  6. Internationally Postable (no food-stuff or alcohol)


What was in the Loudon Design Envelopes?

  • 1x Quality T-Shirt: I spent a full week testing and comparing the quality of t-shirts available in the market. Hours of discussion with professional t-shirt printers about the best quality of the print finish, between water and non-water based inks. The final T-Shirt I decided on was a canvas tri-blend giving that super soft feeling to the touch.
  • Foiled Business Card: International business owners I have met in person and clients here in Scotland will be aware of what the Loudon Design Business Cards are like. I take my branded materials very seriously. This was an opportunity to send them to my clients overseas, to experience another part of my quality.
  • Loudon Design Stickers: More commonly seen in packaging in the USA. I always love those little special touches like laptop stickers. I wanted to have something that could be placed on a laptop that matched up with the T-Shirt and Loudon Design business card.
  • Personalised Note: Each package was accompanied by a little red note with a personal message to each client or supporter of Loudon Design.

Loudon Designs’ Wee Red Christmas Envelopes

Everything was branded and packaged to reflect a shop bought t-shirt. I won’t bore you with the details of just how far we went in this regard, you can safely take my word that everything down to how the envelopes would be opened to how the shirt had to look uniform regardless of its size was considered.



In the past there was always time and effort given over to sending little gifts to suppliers and clients, sadly this tradition seems to have died away and is rarely done in 2016.

I still wonder about it, though, who doesn’t like freebies? Why wouldn’t you want to put a smile on someone’s face and show, “hey, I was thinking about you :)”

There is nothing more powerful than an unexpected Gift at an Unexpected Time.

I am very traditional, I still believe in people, not just in numbers. It’s my customers that helped grow Loudon Design into what it is, and it’s the relationships with my clients that will support the company’s growth going forward.

Never lose sight in the importance of relationships. Respect and Trust are earned not given. I wasn’t sure how this idea would play out, but I am glad to see my customers got it, and appreciated the little thought and good cheer I sent out to them. The happy replies I have received have made it worthwhile.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you, client or not, all the best for 2017! Have a great Christmas break and best of luck with your business next year.