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Loudon Design Changes and What to Expect in the near future


The people closest to me will know just how long I have been working on the latest Loudon Design Changes. It feels like the longest-running project I’ve worked on and there are good reasons for that. I haven’t cut corners with this website. Normally with a full-time day job, busy freelance life and a family, the Loudon Design Changes and updates take a back seat.

I wanted the new website to focus on my service offering and to practice what I advise to my clients. Due to working most of my hours on client work, my own site takes the back seat as often as not.


Why did I need to redesign?

The funny thing about my old website is that despite it being a simple landing page, I still received a lot of contact with it. The power of word-of-mouth and a solid portfolio should never be underestimated in freelance work.

I was gaining traction on client work despite the temporary website not displaying the services I offered or processes I work too.

The main reason I decided to update the website was to build out a framework for not just what I do but help clients understand how I work.

The new website gives me a platform to build upon that the older site never could.

So what’s new?


Loudon Design Changes: New Features & Focus

Fully Responsive Website

The new Loudon Design is a touch friendly and fully responsive business website which morphs across user devices. The website is highly optimised to load in well under a second on all devices. It is my intention with this iteration to showcase just how well a website can perform. Leading by example for my clients.

Loudon Design Changes

Modern Home Page

I am very focused on helping businesses by increasing their website conversion rate, turning more visitors into customers.

Towards this aim, I designed my home page to give a brief overview of what Loudon Design is all about covering Services, Blog Posts, Case Studies and Products.

More than triple the Case Studies

Case Studies are live examples of what I can do for clients. I am proud of the websites in my portfolio and even more so of their overall performance in real numbers.

The original website only showcased three of the Ecommerce websites I had created, I now have eleven with more on the way.

Nevisport Loudon Design

Clearly defined Services

I don’t know why I never thought about it before, but I had never explained all that I could offer a client in a clear manner. Over the past year, I’ve been asked several times over by my ongoing clients

“Do you also design Business Cards?”
“Can you help with Website Security?”
“Are you able to convert a desktop site into a Fully Responsive Website?”

(The answer is yes to all of those)

Yet it was clear why this wasn’t known to my clients. After all how many web designers and developers actually take the time to write down what they do in detail.

I’ve taken steps to ensure I make more of an effort to articulate exactly what I can do to help my clients making it easier for them. Each service page outlines why that service is important and walks through the process I would use.



The testimonials page of Loudon Design gives reviews and comments that have been left for me by both clients and senior professionals I have worked with over the years.

I work hard for my clients to ensure expectations and deadlines are kept. It always makes you feel good to have clients say nice things about your work.

Sharing these testimonials on your website can only help future clients see what others think of your work or practices.


Detailed About Page

I put together a new about page, to give more background on how I came into the Ecommerce sector. The primary aim of this page is to share my story.

You can also find information about public speaking events on the bottom of this page. I am looking to speak more about Ecommerce in the coming months, updates of that will be shared here on the site.

Weekly Writing & Newsletters

As you can probably tell from the blog I am writing again, but this is just one small part of the content I will be sharing through the site on a weekly basis.

The Loudon Design Newsletter is also a new addition to the lineup. You will get Weekly insight into the ecommerce market as well as some behind the scenes projects I have in the works.


Live Chat

I’ve been investing into Loudon Design heavily for the last 12 months. The new website is one part of that, but I’ve also added a full new array of tools to help me communicate better with my clients on project work.

Interested in working with me? you will be able to call and email like you could with the old site. However, if you just have a few questions before you get in touch you can speak to either myself or my lovely wife through live chat.

No seriously say hi, we would love to hear from you.


A shape of things to come

Focused on Building, not Reworking

  • Loudon Studios was my first business website. I think that seen four redesigns.
  • Scottish Media was my second website and it saw three.
  • The Loudon Design Changes mark the latest iteration the start of what I am looking to do with my business.

I will not rework things on a yearly basis endlessly redesigning.

The focus is now on building my website out into what I need it to be.

Granted I will make tweaks and edits here and there. I guarantee I am going to break that old agency mentality of shiny object syndrome.

A redesign is like repainting your house every year. Sure some of us love change (I am one of those people), but I don’t think that’s a good move for my business.

I have a lot to focus on with the new site. I have many months if not years of planning for Loudon Design and to achieve it I intend to intensely focus my energy on building not reworking old content.


What do you think?

Feel free to explore, then let me know your thoughts.

I am looking forward to the planned next phases for Loudon Design.

So here’s to that and thanks for reading.