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Europe Business Retreat 2017 Prague


During the seanwes conference in Austin, Texas the mastermind group, I am part of decided it would be great to host a European retreat for members that could get to Europe on set dates. The objective was to find a cheap location that people could affordably travel to from all over Europe. Prague, Amsterdam, Hungary, Romania and others scored highly against that criteria.

The numbers were never important, what was key was to motivate the driven people and continue learning together. There was a specific need around this trip. We are not there to take in the tourist spots, or sit about as nice as that is. We wanted a practical 4 day business weekend for those interested in growing their company.

I created my first ever vlog of my time in Prague, which gives an indication of what it was like. Lots of deep discussions, great coffee, and better company. With work sessions spiralling into the small hours and even a bit of Gary Vee. We also covered 15 Kilometres walking in the beautiful city over the trip.


Loudon Design has been performing well as a business, but like all businesses, I want to grow and learn better ways I can serve my customers. For this reason, I wanted to have at least three international trips that allowed me to bounce off other members of the group so as to learn from each other.

In business, it’s very easy to be too close to things, after all, we obsess over our own businesses. A fresh set of eyes can deliver immense value when they are given permission to give feedback to you honestly. If it’s not working, you are better to know.


Europe Business Retreat Format:

  • Friday 27th – Arrival of people, orientation + activities & Dinner
  • Saturday 28th – Meeting room booked in a coworking space (9:30 AM breakfast and coffee, 10 AM – 12 PM jam session*, 12 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM jam session*) & Dinner
  • Sunday 29th – Coffee shop meeting (10 AM breakfast and coffee, 10:30 AM – 12 PM jam session* and free discussion, 12 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch, End of day, Free time onward for whatever)
  • Monday 30th – Afternoon Mastermind + Dinner & Drinks

*Jam sessions = Ice-breaker, roundtable discussion, Q&A, flexible discussion

As was the case in Austin, at the seanwes conference we wanted to leave things open and organic, arrange to have coffee, lunch, dinner, see some of the sights that Prague had to offer whilst remaining focused on our discussions.

Ultimately the key focus was business. We all came into this retreat from different backgrounds, and positions within our company’s journey. This contrast of backgrounds, culture and variant business allows for a very healthy educational session.


prague business meetups


I learn more from one trip like this, than I can possibly learn from reading a year’s worth of books. It’s practical knowledge of what’s working for a business. You will find that what works for a business in one sector can often be replicated in your own sector. Seek inspiration not just from your peers but your networks businesses also.

This was a case of quality over quantity. less about packing out a meeting room, and more about getting something out of the experience of having like-minded-people in one place. That being said we did manage to get 9 business owners to Prague, flying or driving in from Hungary, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Romania, Dublin, Pittsburgh, Glasgow, and the Czech Republic itself.

It still amazes me the distances passionate people will travel to grow their company and find the energy that spurs them on. I feel very fortunate to be a member of such a group and look forward to traveling to more in the future.