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Loudon Design @ 29studios: Happy 4th of July!


Now that all the I’s have been dotted and T’s crossed we are thrilled to announce Loudon Design will be taking residence at 29studios, 84 Miller Street, Glasgow, G1 1DT.

We officially move in on July 4th, American Independence day. Whilst this is mere coincidence it fits nicely.



We are extremely excited to get into our new space for many reasons. One of those being location. 29studios is situated right in the heart of Glasgow just off George Square. This will allow our clients much easier access to us, plus the studio has a great space to welcome clients in for meetings, fondly known as the pirate bar. Yarrrr. As an active attendant of networking and business events, our new centralised location will help with our participation.



A location is one thing but it’s also who we get to share our space with, the relationship has to be right. Our John first heard of the opportunity for residency whilst chatting to 29studios owner Kevin O’Neil on Instagram. He found in Kevin a kindred spirit, someone who shares a very similar vision to our own.

Kevin, like John, is a proud Scot but also has an affinity with America and American business philosophies. You will even find the stars and stripes adorning the studio wall. The team at 29 studios are well known for their quality and service, producing exceptional work for their clients. The Loudon Design team will be proud to work alongside another quality driven business.



In our last article, we alluded to the makeup of the Loudon Design clan, we can now reveal exactly who these talented people are;


Front-end developer

A WordPress specialist with over 7 years’ experience. James has a strong background in software development and bridges the gap between design and back-end.


Technical Architect

A technical lead with experience in both software and web development for over 14 years. Taylor is at home working on code or hardware. He brings a wealth of programming knowledge in various languages.


Marketing Executive

Jessica is in charge of all things marketing and video at Loudon Design. She is working within Loudon Design as a modern apprentice with a bright future.



Web specialist with a background in conversion led design and development. 16 plus years architecting and designing high-end websites for growth and return on investment.



29studios provides a fantastic working space for Loudon Design to progress the business and all of the staff can’t wait until July to get in and get started. Once we have properly bedded in we intend to hold a small housewarming for clients and those people who have supported our ambition to get Loudon Design off the ground. It will be a great celebration of all that we have achieved in this short time and a great way to start our future at 29studios.

We are currently accepting new projects from July. If you would like to take your website to the next level please get in touch, we’d be delighted to meet you for coffee in our new home.