Logo Design

Whether crafting a new identity, or evolving an existing one, my approach to brand identity development is guided by the same analytical process and principles.

The importance of conveying your original ideas into a professional brand for your business is crucial. A logo is more than just a picture, it serves to project what you offer, transforming a business idea or image into a recognisable brand. Having your brand identity created by a professional is a brilliant investment for your company.

A well designed logo will:

  • Convey Professionalism — to your customers.
  • Represent Company Values — building on your business proposition
  • Help build Exposure — professional brands earn more
  • Deliver Consistency — keeping your brand as it should be



Logo Design Process

It is a process that takes a lot of research and experience to place your brand correctly.
Below I have outlined my branding process.


1 Listen

Before taking on any work it is important for me to listen and get a feel for your business. This helps me identify the roadblocks and problems you are trying to combat with the new design work.

2 Proposition

A proposition document outlines what you do and why you do it. The document is a very important step as a professional logo will build on what your company does.

3 Research

I spend time looking at your competition and markets related to what you deliver. This research helps me place your final logo in a unique position.

4 Sketch

Sketching multiple logo concepts allows me time to analyse the pros and cons of each solution. The best logos are refined by sketching them over and over in different ways.

5 Design

The sketch is now converted into a vector file to allow the logo to be scaled to any size without losing quality. It’s at this stage we will start to explore colour and layouts.

6 Quality

Once a firm logo concept has been locked down I will continually look over the logo in detail, ensuring every line, and shape is showing a perfect join and is mathematically perfect for curves and spacing.

7 Guidelines

Branding Guidelines are produced in order to define and police your brand consistently. The document ensures that every person that comes into contact with your brand has a rule set to work from.

8 Export

After a logo is produced it is saved out in various vector file types .eps and .svg. It is also supplied in several bitmap formats so that you can start updating company stationery or social platforms.

9 Marketing Materials

If required I can work with you to assist in the branding of your warehouse signage, shops, marketing materials, banners or vehicle signage.


An honest approach to Copyright

Copyright is a very complex issue for many companies, but it doesn’t have to be. I believe strongly that a client should own everything that is produced for them. All design work carried out by myself is signed over to the client on receipt of payment, this means there is no complexity in working out who owns the rights to what element of the design.

Clients also receive a copy of all master files for the complete artwork. Meaning that you have control over your own brand regardless of if you are 10 years, 100 years or longer down the line.



Business Goals

A well designed logo sets you apart from your competition and allows you to charge more for your services.
If you’re interested in having your logo produced professionally, get in touch via the Loudon Design Get in Touch
or alternatively you can reach me on 0141 319 7199.