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Thinking about the Digital Implications of Responsive Logo Design


Brands are still produced  in 2016 with no consideration or understanding of the digital context they will reside within. In the past your logo would have been on stationary, shop fronts and if perhaps your company’s vehicles and whilst this medium is still relevant it no longer holds the same priority in design.

Responsive Logo Design has to be designed to conserve space in a website’s header whilst still carrying the impact of the Brand.

I will go further and say that they should also be responding to compliment the browser or device sizing. Now that all businesses should be accounting for mobile – else face the reality of suffering an SEO rank hit from Google.

What is Responsive Logo Design?

Responsive Logo Design makes sense when designing a professional brand. Branding is getting increasing focus to modernise the older style logos to work in a new digital context.

Logos are often complex, overly tall, ridiculously wide or too large for them to work in a small mobile header area. So as a designer we scale the header to account for this, and the result is your important content is pushed down the page.

Responsive Logo Design

You also have to think about the small square ratio used by most social networks that your logo is going to be displayed within. These are the areas that having an icon is a great help, but many logos don’t have icons. So the websites icon (favicon), twitter, facebook etc can look a little bizarre in these cases.


Realising the Issues

Thankfully this is a problem many clients are willing to face head on. In recent years I have found myself discussing the need for a more modern sense of branding or at least some form of an adapted brand at the start of a redesign process for a website.

Impart Engine Responsive Logo

Clients looking into getting a new logo need to think about the various requirements their logo will need to meet.

  • Will the logo be used digitally?
  • Are you planning on having it stitched into polo shirts?

Every business is slightly different but you need to think carefully about how you are likely to use your logo.

Good brands don’t fall over when you apply them to a new context.

Give your company branding some versatility so that you retain your brand look and feel. After all, that is what your customers are used to associating with your company.

Responsive Logo Design seen above is a great website. I use it a lot when I am looking to showcase this concept to a client. It just makes it easier for everyone to understand what you mean by making a Responsive Logo.

Every Logo Design and Brand I create now has this accounted for.

I no longer need to worry about “making it look good on mobile”.

What is your own experience with the migration from traditional branding in print to a digital space?