Ecommerce Seasonality: 6 Ways to Sell more Products this Christmas


When you look into ecommerce seasonality, Christmas is a busy time for any business. None more so than retail businesses.

There is a clear buyer intention build up around the Christmas season and just after it closes with the January sales. In the industry, we refer to these types of events as seasons. Seasonality is the art of adapting to the event to better shift products.

Working as a designer I get to try my hand at various types of promotion to capitalise on this time period. In this article, I will cover six of the best performing methods to drive the seasonal conversion.


1. Christmas Banners

Banners are a great way to set the tone of a website. Promotions and festive graphics can help position the buyer into a sales category or draw attention to a specific item.

seasonal banners

What makes a good ecommerce banner?

In ecommerce websites, I witness time and again banners having lifestyle shots with text, rather than displaying the products the business owner is selling. A banner is one of the key areas that can be used to showcase what your store is all about. Bring attention to ranges of products, or specific unique selling points you can offer the customer.

Seasonality Tip: Don’t think of your banner as a simple image, it should be an advert into your product range. It’s important to maximise these spaces with a strong focus on sales and promotions.

2. Value Bundles

Selling a product is always seen as a success. That’s how you build loyalty and allow your customers to experience your brand. However selling in bundles is far more profitable, making a margin on multiple units or items.

Christmas is a great season for positioning products as bundles.

I have experienced the results of taking good best sellers and bundling them into kits or bundles that in turn offer the customer an easy to purchase a set of products.

If you place yourself into the mindset of the user it is likely that they are buying for loved ones and are looking for similar items. “You may also like”, “Accessories” as well as the bundles themselves are great ways of adding value to the customer as well as making it easy for them to find pairings in your product catalogue.

Seasonality Tip: Group products to make more margin, and drive up your average basket size. Group by different price ranges to appeal to more customers.

3. His & Her Gifts

If you are anything like me you never know what to buy, so every year you conduct “research”. Retail businesses can take advantage of this trend by tailoring “his” and “her” suggested gift ranges. A simple category page with products split between male and female can massively increase your website’s sales.

It is not always appropriate to make this split, however, most ecommerce businesses can adapt and gain good sales from doing so.

Seasonality Tip: Not every customer knows what they want to buy, the easier you can make it for them to see your product ranges and filter down towards a great gift the more return you will see within your store.

4. Promotional Offers

We all like a good deal, and Christmas is one of those seasons we are attracted to stores that entice us in with their offers, it could be a multi-buy or perhaps a discount when certain conditions are met. Any excuse you find to attach a discount will give you a reason to leverage more sales.

Although discounts reduce your margin you can ensure buyer loyalty by being clever with the way you make your promotions. Coupon websites are great as the savvy shopper will be looking there to try and find a good bargain. This is actually a marketing technique to build brand awareness.

Taking a small loss or breaking even on one range of products or even an individual deal can bring the buyer into your shop, where you can make upsells and cross promotions.

Seasonality Tip: Use the psychology of “deal” culture with savvy shoppers to your advantage, these promotions can be very effective campaigns for getting your brand out there.

5. Christmas Calendars

We all loved waking up each morning to open our calendar door, to reveal a chocolate shaped treat. A few years ago marketers took this happy pastime into the realms of digital campaigns, having the days of the month converted into sales, deals and discounts.

The reason this works so well is it engages people to subscribe to keep up to date with the new offers as they come out. No one likes to miss a great deal. This doesn’t only drive sales, it grows your business email list, which is a usable asset long after the season ends.

Seasonality Tip: Taking inspiration from happy past times can encourage engagement over the season. Christmas Calendars have been used to bring some fun and intrigue to daily promotions.

6. Email Promotion

Email Marketing is dead. No one reads email. No matter how many times you see it stated online email remains one of the highest engagement rates of ongoing marketing. The permission to promote into someone’s mailbox is a fantastic privilege.

Building countdown campaigns or cycles of promotion on the run of the Christmas can ensure your store is one of the shops of choice when it comes to a customer purchasing gifts.

Seasonality Tip: The best way to get email working for you is to have many sales touches over a short period of time, daily emails work best, however weekly is a suitable fallback.