Conversion Funnels Put your prospecting on autopilot

Ever wonder how some companies always seem to attract more qualified leads? On the surface, they may have the same website and tools that you have but the key to more lead generation is to take some of the warm-up processes and selling into an automated solution. One of the most successful methods of marketing is to leverage conversion funnels.

Attract with value

When networking, do you hand out as many business cards as you possibly can? If you’ve tried that, you probably learned that it doesn’t work. In a world where everyone is looking to sell, it doesn’t feel nice to have someone hand you something and ask for money. What’s missing is value.

For a lot of business owners, this takes a lot of time out of your day and you are likely juggling lots of activity to fit in what you need to get done. The continuous effort of giving value, advice, resources or strategies is never going to be something you can scale well. This is when conversion funnels become extremely valuable.

Lead magnets are containers of value; it could be a short video course, a guide, a study, some key facts, and statistics. The more valuable it is, the more attractive it is to the consumer.

Build Trust as equity

Having a mailing list is key to marketing well and cost-effectively. You could have a list of 100,000 subscribers and your other customers and competitors wouldn’t know about it, but when someone gives you their contact details it’s important to ensure you don’t just flog products at them. Conversion funnels are sequences of emails or messages that you send to your prospective customer to build up trust and authority in your area of expertise. We build funnels to warm leads and generate more engagement when you bring up the sale.

Drive for the sale

Once you have captured your prospect, warmed them through value and educational material, it’s time to sell.

The system is all automated and spaced out into days of activity so that you can sit back and let the computer do it for you. At the end of the sequence, the system asks for feedback and a soft sale. It would then wait two days (normally) and ask more directly.

Conversion funnels have been proven time and again to build the sales pipelines.

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