Branding How to stand out in a crowd

Whether crafting a new identity, or evolving an existing one, our approach to brand identity development is guided by the same analytical process and principles.

When you or your team are not present, it’s the marketing collateral (be that a print ad, online banner, brochure, flyer, email, business card etc.), as well as any digital presence, corporate perception and logo that compels people to engage your services or buy your products.

Everything listed above comes under your brand. When you think of it this way, branding is big. And arguably one of the most important elements of any brand identity is the logo. How’s yours shaping up?

Logo design: an investment, not a cost

A logo is not only a company’s symbol, it communicates your identity and informs a set of values and perhaps even a culture. In digital design it plays an even more vital role, often serving as the main graphic element on a page or screen. Consequently, it’s a key focus of the visual design.

An effective company logo – one that’s aesthetically appealing and easy to recognise – stays in the user’s mind, allowing them to associate the messages portrayed by the logo with the organisation, and by extension, its website.

A well designed logo will:

  • Convey Professionalism — to your customers
  • Represent Company Values — building on your business proposition
  • Help Build Exposure — professional brands earn more
  • Deliver Consistency — keeping your brand as it should be

Workshops and competitor analysis

We work side by side via planning workshops to gain insight into your customers and their motivations, then develop a logo, brand identity and guidelines that not only differentiate you in the market, but also generate loyalty, trust and recognition.

Brand need a refresh?

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