Trespass Overview

When INDEZ first agreed the proposal we knew that Trepass, when complete, would boast the best of breed in ecommerce features. Built on top of INDEZ core technology we pushed the speed and feature set to the maximum with Trespass. The design focused on heavily streamlining the user experience.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Outdoor Sports Clothing & Equipment
  • Year 2015

Trespass Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

No one commissions a website, they purchase a solution to their problem.

I spend a lot of time with the client at the start of the process to learn exactly what they are trying to achieve.

I also ensure I understand how they are currently making money from their business and what they see as their possible next steps.


Understanding the goals and how the project will be measured plays a huge role in how the site will eventually perform for the client.

You cannot effectively market or position a business without understanding the key objectives.


Trespass  Research



Despite the fashion market being well established there is not many examples that stand out from the crowd when it comes to international ecommerce.

My process is to benchmark what is out there and review the past history of attempted solutions with the client I am designing for.

It’s important to listen to what is working, and find out contention areas that need to be resolved with the new solution.


By the end of this research phase, I have a clear idea of the market the customer sits within. I then go on to shortlist the best possible features to aid in the sales process. These are the little innovations folded into each site.

A large percentage of features introduced will have been previously tested “in the wild” in other client sites through A/B testing – all clients then benefit from what has been learned in the past.



The next step is to build up the sites structure, the skeleton that holds the content, video, images and links together in an easy to understand manner.

The more complex the client’s product the more extensive this stage needs to be.

The goal is to create a range of pages on pen and paper and think out all the user journeys, the calls to action and where the selling focus should be placed to make the website more effective.

Trespass Wireframes


Web Design

In a world of thousands of mobile phones, phablets, Tablets, touch-screen laptops, desktop PCs, Macs, gaming consoles and Smart Televisions it’s important to think how a sites wireframe will reflow over various screen sizes.

The way I account for this is to digitise the wireframe and build a realistic prototype or series of mock ups that will show the various break points. Visualising the sites structure is a great way of working out the optimal sizes of product images, font size, spacing and interface positions across a wide range of devices.


Trespass  Devices


Final Design


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