Simon Howie Overview

Clients start from all different points in the business cycle when it comes to the development of their brand. Simon Howie had a very well defined brand including fonts, images, packaging and distinctive style.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Food
  • Year 2013

Simon Howie Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

The Simon Howie brand can be seen in most supermarkets (ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, waitrose and the co-operative).

The product is not sold through outlets. Meat from Simon Howie is prominently featured on the menu of several top restaurants across the UK including the five star Gleneagles Hotel.

Speaking with the marketing arm of Simon Howie we had the client walk through the journey of what it had taken to build the Simon Howie brand. The logo and style featured a lot of traditional values, history, materials and authentic butchery. It was important that this strong branding be built upon with the new ecommerce website.


Simon Howie Research



Simon Howie are unique in their sector in that they have went to the effort to build a strong brand presence around their business.

This existing branding work played a vital role in how the site was researched and produced. It was important to me that the site should reflect the quality experience that was clearly part of the packaging and tone of content.

I looked into the traditional materials used in physical butcher shops chalk board, hemp and the wood of the chopping boards. I collated the traditional materials and built the sites styling from them.



The sketched out wireframes create a realistic blueprint for the site. Rather than designing every page we focus on the point of conversion and work outwards towards the home page.

The Product Page, Category Page and homepage structures are key to the performance of any ecommerce website. Simon Howie had a lot of bespoke functionality such as subscription for repeat orders over and above the standard basket and checkout process for their products, which has to be accounted for in the User processes and user interface seen in the final design.

Wireframes are great prototype tools for teasing out snags and problems early on in the process.

Simon Howie Wireframes


Brand Cohesion

The purpose of brand cohesion is to keep the design in harmony with the offline marketing work.

Design work for Simon Howie built on top of what was there, it is not simply a case of making the site look like the offline brand rather the site should be a progression of what was there. The strength of good branding is that it can give you distinct advantages over your competitors. None of that value should be lost when constructing an ecommerce store.

I built custom textures and designed the site styles to marry up with the physical materials you would see within a butcher’s store. There is no flat colour on Simon Howie, every element has depth and is made in a way that conveys the traditional values of the company.

Simon Howie Devices


Final Design


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