Nevisport Overview

Founded in Fort William in 1970, Nevisport has grown into a nationwide outdoor clothing and snow sports specialist. Nevisport is now run as a sub brand of Trespass, they act as a separate channel for selling a wider selection of outdoors clothing and technical equipment.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Outdoor Sports Clothing & Equipment
  • Year 2015

Nevisport Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

Although Trespass owns the Nevisport brand, it’s a different team that deals with the day-to-day management of the retail work for Nevisport.

Getting to meet the Nevisport team in person was a great experience as the brand has been heavily developed over the last 45+ years.


The goal for Nevisport was very different to Trespass, which makes sense in that their business model is based more around functioning as a retail channel selling multiple brands of which Trespass is just one.

The drive of the project was to leverage the new functionality created for Trespass, and help their marketing and retail teams push a wider set of products.


Nevisport Research



A lot of the research for Nevisport was built on top of the groundwork that had been laid for Trespass.

The functionality was confirmed early in the process, allowing the research to focus around how the Nevisport brand and colour scheme would sit within the sites final design.


The design style focused on outdoor and sports lifestyle photography. With Fort William being the location the business was initially established, we also looked into mapping, photography and design assets that showcased the Nevis Range.







The wireframing exercise was a little different to what would normally be carried out.

Nevisport is very much an adaption of it’s parent site Trespass, much of the internal content would remain similar although not identical. Wireframes focused mainly on the differences in User Interface.

Nevisport is a good example of how different a design can be made with styling and structure. Both Nevisport and Trespass are run from a singular Magento content management system which makes it easier for the client to manage the two sites, whilst retaining unique branding on the public facing side of the site.

Nevisport Wireframes




Web Design

In a world of thousands of mobile phones, phablets, Tablets, touch-screen laptops, desktop PCs, Macs, gaming consoles and Smart Televisions. It’s important to think how a sites wireframe will reflow over various screen sizes.

The way I account for this is to digitise the wireframe and build a realistic prototype or series of mock ups that will show the various break points. Visualising the sites structure is a great way of working out the optimal sizes of product images, font site, spacing and interface positions across a wide range of devices.


Nevisport Devices


Final Design


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