INDEZ Overview

It is always a nice opportunity to redesign and take a brand forward. I joined INDEZ in August 2012, at that time INDEZ boasted arguably the best portfolio of sites in Scotland, however its own brand was somewhat disjointed. Dark backgrounds, thick lettering, and overuse of the colour pink.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Ecommerce
  • Year 2015



Understanding Goals

INDEZ are Scotland’s oldest web agency, specialising in Ecommerce Design and Development we have a strong track record for high attention to detail and producing many of the best performing web stores online today.


This quality had to be reflected in our company image. The core of the rebranding exercise was to showcase what we did in the best way, and move the brand more towards a technical and vibrant look and feel.


INDEZ Branding



Branding itself goes well beyond a logo. The way we communicate with a respective client, the materials used in sales and support processes are all connected to the overall brand.

One of the first steps was to analyse what materials the logo had been used for in the past and what would likely be needed in the future of the company marketing.


The logo was then mastered to clean up the lines and to calculate every curve and line to ensure a “tight” polished result, reflective of the attention we give to our client work. The intersection of the dot to the letters ND is an abstraction from what used to be the old logo and allowed for colour to be introduced without changing the brand completely.





INDEZ Presentation



With the new logo allowing more colour options and a wider set of utility in design possibilities we are able to modernise our slides to use better fonts, colour and design.

INDEZ have constantly been complimented for the quality of our slides since this change. Previously we had been using very dark and heavy slides, with pink dots and highlights. While the hot pink colour can work for brands, it does give its own set of limitations on where you can take the branding.


It also makes the brand look overly feminine, which is not reflective of our open culture and nature of the diverse range of projects we take on.

The new design styles make it easy for INDEZ to mimic the clients we work with and blend in on pitches and presentations, the dots, bars, and graphics can be easily updated to match the colour schemes of our clients to give everything we do a nice little personal touch.




INDEZ Marketing



INDEZ recently went through a product development exercise to take what we have offered to clients into a new structured space. In four parts we have split up our products as Conversion Suite, Conversion Care, Ecommerce Design and Ecommerce Marketing.

Unlike a lot of traditional agencies INDEZ have not followed the crowd by listing individual services. Instead we have looked at what we can offer and structured it into products which reflect best practice.


Ecommerce carried out at this level doesn’t equate to simply updating to a new design, it’s the speed of the sites rendering, the usability of the checkout and high level of security and the support given to a client. When you are responsible for building and maintaining ecommerce websites that can easily be turning over several million pounds, euros, dollars a month.

The new packages had to be designed to help possible clients understand our larger offering while retaining its simple presentation.


Web Design

Probably the biggest enhancement that was made was the new INDEZ website. For years the website had been the marketing pet project, fluxing through rounds and rounds of redesign.

A major flaw in any company is when you trap yourself in a repetitive cycle. If your having to redesign something yearly, you’ve probably not thought about what you need enough. The goal with the new INDEZ site was to built it as a platform that we could extend.

Again a lot of effort was taken to showcase exactly what we stood for, to have every page designed and every word of content considered before it was published with the rest of the site. This level of care takes extra time but the new site had already proven itself with a vast increase in the number of enquires and engagement it generated.

Although not an Ecommerce site, the INDEZ website remains one of my favourite projects. It’s great to finally have a brand and materials that showcase what the ethos is within INDEZ and having had been instrumental in that being brought about.


INDEZ Devices


Final Design


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