Houlden Jewellers Overview

The Houlden Group will perhaps be a little less known to the general public, but within the jewellery sector it makes up one of the largest Luxury jewellery buying consortiums representing the top luxury jewellers within the UK. Houlden approached INDEZ to help create a firm brand vision and proposition for the group.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Jewellery
  • Year 2015

Houlden Jewellers Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

This project has very different goals from what would be classed as INDEZs bread and butter.

As a company we are better known for creating top quality ecommerce websites. However, Houlden recognises the quality of our design work and decided to use this obsessive attention to detail towards refining and building upon their brand.


The objective in this case was not to increase sales, but rather lift the brand and give support to the consortium’s goals toward becoming a kite mark within the jewellery sector.


Houlden Branding



The branding for Houlden came from me studying their current brand mark and considering what it had been trying to achieve.

The previous logo showed a diamond ring as the letter “o” however the diamond penetrated the ring itself, which didn’t seem correct from a concept standpoint.

I sketched variants of the logo and played with symbols and marks associated with premium and luxury brands.


After consideration I decided to base the logo on a crown then worked from there to add a Fleur De Lis and manipulate the angles to better reflect the facet that holds the diamond into a ring.

The logo’s font and design were paired to lift the branding to where it should be for a company of this standard.





Houlden Presentation



When you design for a consortium you are designing for a group of strong voices and views.

To change something as fundamental as their logo requires positioning and strong justifications for the reasoning behind each decision.


A3 presentation booklets as well as a digital format were created to walk through the Proposition, Branding and Strategy for taking the brand forward.




Houlden Presentation



The branding then had to be established in relevant locations to showcase the consortium’s new move.

The campaign that was created around the new logo required lifestyle adverts that could communicate what the group was about.


From magazine spreads to online these adverts helped solidify the new look.


Web Design

Due to the strength of design work in the branding INDEZ were asked to create a website to allow members of the group to download assets and contact the head office regarding stickers and related marketing materials to add within their own stores.

Since the completion of the project the logo can be seen in wide use across the UK, and has featured on various goods inside the organisation.


Houlden Website


Final Design


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