Greaves Sports Overview

Greaves Sports are a well known sports company in Scotland, renowned for their in store customer service and product expertise. They were a long term client of INDEZ going through various generations of their website. In 2013 INDEZ had begun the process of migrating our client base onto the Magento platform this case study is based on the redesign that took place during that exercise.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Sports Clothing & Equipment
  • Year 2013

Greaves Sports Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

Effective solutions should always start with a clear understanding goals. A good Ecommerce specialist is determined by their ability to understand their own craft be it programming or design, while also understanding the many facets of business.

The better we understand a company’s, sales process, and legal rules the greater an impact is made on a client’s business. How does this affect exporting rules? What are the legal implications of exporting to x, y and z countries?


Greaves Sports had strong business goals and objectives for the next phase of the business. As a designer and in a wider sense as a team we are tasked and benchmarked against building an ecommerce web store that acts as the conduit for these goals.


Greaves Sports Research



The sports equipment and retail area is one of the most mature to work within. There are so many visually interesting websites and related sectors to pull inspiration from.

Sports are widely covered world wide from the world cup, mma, boxing right through to the olympics. This converts into a great list of photography that can be used to create vibrant banners for the final design.


For the inner pages of the website, we mainly focused on re-purposing interface decisions we had seen working elsewhere in our client network. Ecommerce is about finding what works, being very clear about what a product is. What are the features of the product? Is there specific information that will help you in your buying process.

These details are then stitched together to create the final design.







There was a small mountain of wireframes for greaves, to work out the entire user journey and how this would apply to an ever more responsive marketplace.
At the time of build mobile and tablet sales were still statistically smaller than that of desktop. This number will only increase as more and more people open up to the prospect of shopping on their phone.

Greaves Sports Wireframes




Web Design

Greaves was one of the first websites where INDEZ built on top of an internal framework. It was the project used as an example and frontrunner for what we as a company would be able to offer our clients as a future service offering.

Building an entire framework adds an extra layer of complexity to testing and the decisions made in a project. The key success is to avoid client specific features as much as possible, this is also how a lot of the “common” user experiences online come about. There is an expectation from the customer on how a basket should work, it is often a negative to divert too much from well established behaviours in design.


Greaves Sports Responsive Design


Final Design


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