Glasgow Distillery Overview

As a glaswegian it was a real pleasure to work on the design for a Whisky Distillery bringing a new age of distilling to Glasgow with the first Gin & Whisky distillery to open in over 100 years. Glasgow Distillery approached INDEZ to design and build their ecommerce store to allow them to sell MAKAR gin and launch their 1770 Club Whisky.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Drink
  • Year 2015

Glasgow Distillery Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

As a new brand it’s always important to work on the proposition of the company. What do you do, how do you do it, what are your aspirations?

There has been a lot of success recently with some whisky distilleries opening up a more modern style to Whisky that contrasts strongly with the “traditional” branding seen in the older companies.


Glasgow distillery wished to position themselves as an urban brand, being that it’s distilling gin and malt whisky right here in Scotland’s largest city. I worked alongside the branding agency responsible for the labels and company logo, to ensure there was a consistent look and feel to the design.


Glasgow Distillery Research



Whisky is a big part of the Scottish culture. It’s something that most people are aware of but there are many passionate whisky lovers (myself included).

It’s a great sector that’s played a part in the tapestry of the Scottish History. Having a Scottish designer work on this you were never going to go far wrong.


Understanding a sector or having direct experience with similar products helps massively when tasked with refining the best examples and inspiration for a transactional website.



As a smaller company with a low number of products which sell in high volume, its important to design and structure a website that reflects that whilst still retaining great quality of design.

Glasgow Distillery was planned out to reflect closer to an ebusiness website with purchase functionality. Allowing the unique products to be better showcased.

Glasgow Distillery Wireframes


Final Design


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