Demijohn Overview

INDEZ were approached by Demijohn to design and construct a new website that better represents the in-store experience. When you shop in a Demijohn store there is a lot of focus on making custom selections. Your bottle and the flavour of its contents is very much part of the experience, you even get a handwritten message added to the bottle.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Food & Drink
  • Year 2015

Demijohn Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

Before starting any design or development work it’s important to understand the origins of a client’s business. What is working for the client? What are they trying to achieve with this redesign? And most importantly how can digital services and products help them in this aim?

All ecommerce websites are designed by their very nature to empower a client to sell to a wider market, but with more bohemian style businesses this can prove a challenge to achieve while staying true to what your business is about.


It was important to demijohns CEO Angus Ferguson that the new website would marry up and compliment the offline business. This was a core objective that had to be addressed within the design and functionality of the new ecommerce website.


A design like no other 

A design like no other

Due to the unique craft nature of the Demijohn products it was important that the website style did not look harsh or overly structured.


We knew the design was going to have to be minimal to achieve this, what we didn’t expect was that the entire user interface would become fully illustrated. In this regard Demijohn is unlike any other site I have seen before or since.


Unique Functionality 

Unique Functionality

The brief was to allow customers to select their liquid, bottle size and also have the option to personalise it – which is the same process used in their network of shops.

This posed a design challenge in how we would allow the customers to easily select liquid contents on the more complex bottle options. There are as many as five separate bottles available to buy in one transaction.


We solved this problem by creating a unique javascript selection widget to allow quick and easy selection of the liquids available on the site. The rates auto calculate, meaning the user is at no disadvantage buying these complex products online.


Bespoke Illustration

The style of the online store was re-imagined to compliment the unique and personable in-store experience. Each element of the user interface was illustrated from scratch in Photoshop. There is not a hard edge to be found on the full site.

Each product on the site has its own hand drawn fruit illustration, including high definition versions for the main homepage feature banners.

It is important for any premium website to not heavily rely on stock photography as this can lead to “templated” feeling websites, if using the same popular images that can do the rounds in certain sectors.

Thankfully our client was very astute on this point and worked with us to flesh out a complete style to compliment his business. Demijohn now proudly stands apart from it’s competitors.

Demijohn Bespoke Illustration


Final Design


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