Barclays Diamonds Overview

Barclays Diamonds is a sister company to Chisholm Hunter a UK Wide provider of Jewellery & Watches. Barclays was positioned as a different type of store to create additional retail brands within the group and allow for different types of marketing and selling techniques to be tested.

  • Agency INDEZ
  • Sector Jewellery
  • Year 2014

Barclays Diamonds Understanding Goals


Understanding Goals

Barclays Diamonds main goal was to build a strong site in line with their existing website that had been invested in over a period of years and had won a lot of success for the company.


Both websites used Joomla as their ecommerce platform a much older system than Magento. Due to return on investment it was deemed better value to retain the feature rich implementation of their site rather than move to Magento and reinvent the same wheel.


Barclays Diamonds Research



I shortlisted a wide range of high end jewellers, car manufacturers, and brand websites as strong design and ecommerce examples.


These designs created the focal point for discussion as to how the brand would be taken forward.



Having a highly successful sister company that has been fine tuned to perform at its very best is extremely helpful when it comes to the wireframe that should be selected to move forward with.

Having this data was key to making Barclays into a success.

Barclays Diamonds Wireframes


Final Design


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